NAISMA Road Show Fall 2019

Our board and staff attended many events this season, including the Nevada Weed Management Association, Wyoming Weed & Pest Council, Innovations in Invasive Species Conference, and more!

The North American Invasive Species Management Association board members and staff traveled across North America and attended many events this season, including:

Nevada Weed Management Association

The Nevada Weed Management Association works with land managers, policy makers, researchers and passionate citizens to protect Nevada from noxious and invasive weeds. Former NAISMA President Mark Daluge presented an update on NAISMA and PlayCleanGo.

Mark Daluge, former NAISMA president, poses in front of toadflax.

Wyoming Weed & Pest Council


Julie Kraft (center) receives an award from Weed and Pest Council President, John Watson (left) and Erika Edmiston (right)

Dave Burch, Weed Free Forage & Gravel program manager, gave a WFF&G presentation on the WFF&G program and a NAISMA Board update at the Wyoming Weed & Pest 75th Annual Fall Conference in Evanston WY, November 5-7.  The conference was an opportunity for the 23 Districts to conduct Council business and provide high quality education opportunities. 

Annual Western Weed Coordinating Committee


Participants viewing a presentation at the Annual Western Weed Coordinating Committee meeting held on December 3 – 5, 2019. 


Dave Burch receiving the 1st Annual WWCC “True Grit” Award for his “Long-Term, Hard-Fought, Dedicated, and Loyal Commitment to the Control of Noxious Weeds Across the West. Under Unfavorable Conditions!”

Dave Burch, Weed Free Forage & Gravel program manager, presented an update of the NAISMA’s PlayCleanGo and Weed Free Forage & Gravel programs, including an overview of the NAISMA’s board of directors.  He also provided an update on the new “Mulch” program that will be included in the WFF&G program.

Innovations in Invasive Species Conference

Krista Lutzke, PlayCleanGo Program Manager, presented PlayCleanGo, highlighting new outreach products to the Partner Media Library, created an easy to use, online store to order prevention tools and outreach products such as boot brushes, Tucker the Turtle Field Guides, posters, stickers, and more. Krista also shared tips and tricks on how groups can implement and maximize their partnership. The conference was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho December 10-12. 

Colorado Weed Management Association


Kayla Malone, NAISMA board member and Ethan Proud, PlayCleanGo Advisory Council

NAISMA exhibited at the Colorado Weed Management Association meeting in Colorado Springs, CO, December 4-5. Kayla Malone, NAISMA Board member and Ethan Proud, PlayCleanGo Advisory Council member, respectively, represented the organization and program.

The mission of Colorado Weed Management Association is to provide education, regulatory direction, professional improvement, and environmental awareness to preserve and protect our natural resources from the degrading impacts of invasive species (terrestrial and aquatic vegetation) in Colorado and surrounding states.

Continental Dialogue on Forest Health

Belle Bergner, Executive Director, provided an update on the PlayCleanGo national and international expansion efforts to a high-level group of academic, agency, and nonprofit leaders. Pictured here with Belle is Constance Housman and Daniel Volk from Cleveland Metroparks. On the field trip, Daniel talked about how their field crews are trained to always clean their boots with a PlayCleanGo boot brush before and after leaving a restoration site!   

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