Tuesday Happy Hour: Invasive Species Cocktail-Making and Recipe Swap

We can’t gather in person. But we CAN share some experiences that include all five senses! Come to these social hours during the 2021 Annual Conference.
photo of mocktail margarita with perilla mint superimposed

Unfortunately, we can’t gather in person for the 2021 NAISMA Annual Conference. But we CAN share some experiences that include all five senses! Tuesday at 5:15 MT and Wednesday at 4:15 MT sign in to Zoom via Attendify for some slightly-organized-but-also-organic hangout time with your fellow conference attendees.

Register for the conference here.

Happy Hour: Invasive Species Cocktail/Mocktails and Networking!

Tuesday, September 28, 5:15 p.m. MT

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em! We’re no stranger to the articles suggesting we eat this invasive species or that invasive species, so tonight we’re going to make a cocktail together and discuss just that:

Have you found a way to use the invasives you manage on your dinner plate? Will you?

That’s the question on the table for this night’s social hour. We’ll gather with Tina Casagrand, NAISMA Communications Manager (and amateur mixologist) for an easy evening of mixing up a cocktail, swapping recipes using invasive species, and maybe discussing the implications of invasivorism. 

Very different from the daily conference sessions, this social hour is your chance to meet a few new people in the invasive species community by having a shared experience and walking away with some ideas to share at work or your next party. Impress your friends as a newly minted invasive species gourmand! Or embolden the case for keeping them off the menu. 

Event Details:

Who: all participants of the 2021 NAISMA Annual Conference

What: Happy hour! Meet new friends and make a cocktail together (optional–but have ingredients ready if you want to play along!)

When: 5:15 – 6:15 p.m. MT

Where: Sign in to Attendify for Zoom link

Why: Because it’s a bummer we can’t be together in person, but it’s less of a bummer if we’re drinking and chatting together anyway.

Schedule (MT): 

5:15: Welcome and introductions by Tina Casagrand, NAISMA Communications Manager

5:20: Cocktail demonstration

5:30: Breakout discussion: Share what you’re sippin’ on, and talk about invasive species you’ve tried eating or heard about

5:38: Everyone returns to the main room and creates a NAISMA invasivore menu

5:50: (if time) Discuss invasivorism—the good and the bad—or just chat and get to know each other!

6:15: Say goodnight!

On the Menu: “Beat the Invasion” Cocktail

Our drink tonight is a slight modification of Seedlip’s “Beat the Heat” cocktail by Greg Kong at Kimika. This starts with a nonalcoholic spirit, “Seedlip Grove 42,” but of course you can replace that with tequila or any other favorite liquor. 

The only invasive we’re using in this recipe is perilla mint. So maybe it’s a weak excuse for a NAISMA cocktail. But . . . it’s an excuse for making a cocktail! Let’s get to it:


  • Seedlip Grove 42: 2 oz
  • Fresh Lime Juice: ½ oz
  • Fresh Watermelon Juice: ½ oz
  • Spiced Agave Syrup*: ¾ oz
  • Invasive Perilla Mint (Perilla frutescens): 2 leaves
  • Basil: 2 leaves
  • Maldon Salt: pinch


  • Rocks
  • Watermelon slice, Basil leaves


Build in a glass & add ice.
*Spiced Agave Syrup: Lightly muddle one Red Thai Chili into 5 oz of hot water. Let sit for 2-3 minutes, then strain. Add Chili infused water to 10 oz of Agave Nectar & stir to mix. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.
Shop Seedlip Grove 42

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