Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the North American Invasive Species Management Association’s programs, website and more

Using your member benefits 

Sign in to the website and start using your membership like a pro

Let’s get you set up with your own personal log-in:

  1. Register your professional membership by adding this Member of a Partner Organization product to your cart.
  2. Complete the check-out process with the coupon code provided to your organization’s administrator. This coupon will zero out your cart when you purchase and activate your membership.
Use the “Member Login” button at the upper right corner of the NAISMA website window. If this is your first time signing in, you will need to reset your password to begin the login process. Your username is the email address you used to join NAISMA. After you have signed in, you can access the Members’ Area, which includes access to recorded webinars, the downloadable PlayCleanGo starter kit, and subscription and account settings.
  • WFF&G inspectors may join as a NAISMA professional member for $40 (the student rate). 
  • First, sign in to our website using the “Member Login” button in the upper right corner of your window. If this is your first time signing in, you will need to reset your password to begin the login process. Your username is the email address you used to sign up as an inspector.
  • After you have signed in, complete a purchase of the Professional Membership product. As long as you are signed in, your discount will be automatically applied.

Any member in good standing can serve on a committee. Learn more about our invasive species committees, including committee expectations and chairs. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email Events and Outreach Manager Molly Bodde.

Joining NAISMA as a member or a partner organization

Everything you need to know about how your NAISMA membership can enhance your invasive species work

Invasive species professionals join NAISMA for many reasons. As the organization behind National Invasive Species Awareness Week and the PlayCleanGo program, NAISMA is the only professional network connecting dots across all states and provinces of North America. We tailor our efforts to specifically support managers working in the field. One member said, “It is a current and generous resource for both excellent information and networking.” Others cited the outstanding conference experience, and another member said, “Being part of national organization is helpful for those of us at a distance in knowledge of what is happening nation-wide and what we may expect.” For details on membership benefits—including conference discount, members-only resources, and more—please visit our Membership page.
  • 10% discount on most items in our store & Annual Conference registration
  • Invitation to all NAISMA webinars and access to all recorded NAISMA webinars 
  • Registration fee waived for Online Invasive Species Management Courses (a $75 value)
  • Quarterly Newsletter and monthly Early Detector Newsletter
  • Members-only communications with news and training opportunities
  • PlayCleanGo® brand use and starter kit

Visit the Partnership page and choose the level that provides the benefits that your organization would like. Additional staff can be added to each Partnership type.

Contact Kim Kelly for more information. She’ll be happy to hear from you.

Fantastic! Select the Sustaining Member option. You’ll donate $50 beyond the professional membership and be inducted into NAISMA’s donor circle.

If you’d like to give a larger gift, please contact Executive Director Belle Bergner.

Why PlayCleanGo is the obvious choice for your invasive species outreach

A campaign aimed at outdoor lovers, PlayCleanGo is designed to change behavior for the better

PlayCleanGo is a brand originally developed and patented by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. It creates a clear call to action to slow—and where possible to stop—the spread of invasive species by changing public and worker behaviors at risk of spreading harmful pests living on land or in water. NAISMA acquired brand ownership in 2019.

  • NAISMA spreads the PlayCleanGo message through our digital outreach opportunities and develops new materials—including print brochures and signs, social media graphics, and physical products such as boot brushes and terry cloths—for partners to use in their own outreach opportunities.
  • Partner organizations can download and customize any PlayCleanGo media material for their outreach opportunities.
  • Depending on your partnership level, NAISMA provides graphic design services to help you customize PlayCleanGo outreach materials to fit the look and feel of your organization while maintaining PlayCleanGo brand standards.  
  • Downloadable, print-ready graphics that you can customize with your organization’s logo and messaging as long as it is within the PlayCleanGo brand guidelines. Brand guidelines are provided to all Partners and Professional Members, and are accessible via the Members’ Area
  • New outreach materials throughout the year! Seasonal, recreation-specific, and event-specific digital graphics are regularly added to the PlayCleanGo media library.
  • Social media content that you can plug and play into your social channels.
  • NAISMA is developing a sponsorship program to support new Boot Brush Station installations

You must obtain permission to use the PlayCleanGo and Work. Clean. Go. brand and logo marks on your own education and outreach materials. 

We grant logo permission to organizational partners and individuals with a NAISMA professional membership (see “using your member benefits” above if you’re already a member).

If you aren’t ready to invest in membership, for $25 you can purchase our PlayCleanGo Starter Kit, which grants you logo rights for one year. 

Learn more about the Starter Kit here. Or, if you’ve learned enough, purchase the kit here.

Join NAISMA as a partner! PlayCleanGo partner resources are now part of all NAISMA Partnerships. Click here to find out more

A PlayCleanGo starter kit that contains license rights, 5 standard logos and brand guidelines. Click here to see the starter kit.

Weed Free Product (WFP) Standards and Certification Program

NAISMA’s minimum standards provides assurance that noxious weeds are not being spread through the movement of forage, gravel, or mulch.

  • Only individuals who are authorized by a MOU with NAISMA for participation in the WFP Program can be certified. See participating state agencies.
  • Inspectors who are employed or contracted by the MOU entity may take the online training to become a Certified Weed Free Products Inspector. Click here for more information and scroll to the “Individual Inspectors” section.

Click here to find your state. Click on the link for your state to find resources available there.

  • WFP inspectors may join as a NAISMA professional member for $40 (the student rate). 
  • First, sign in to our website using the “Member Login” button in the upper right corner of your window. If this is your first time signing in, you will need to reset your password to begin the login process. Your username is the email address you used to sign up as an inspector.
  • After you have signed in, complete a purchase of the Professional Membership product. As long as you are signed in, your discount will be automatically applied.

NAISMA hosts the only conference to bridge geographic divides in invasive species management 

Attending a NAISMA conference is your opportunity to network with leaders in the invasive species field 

  • No, anyone can register and attend the annual conference. NAISMA members receive approximately 10% off the annual conference registration fee.
  • All invasive species management concerns are considered during the development of each conference agenda. The focus or theme each year shifts depending on the strengths, uniqueness, and new invasive species concerns are present in the region that the conference is held.

We encourage organizations and agencies to click this link to join NAISMA as a partner organization, which provides discounts for multiple staff plus additional benefits to your organization. Once enrolled, you will assign individual staff as NAISMA members within your partner organization so that they receive a discount link through our Members’ Area.

Special Hybrid Conference FAQ

All of the following will be live during the event:
  • A plenary presentation followed by live Q&A with the keynote speaker.
  • Four (4) concurrent, live sessions in the morning and four (4) in the afternoon.
  • Q & A during all sessions.
  • Video networking breaks at least twice a day.
  • Text-based messaging directly with attendees and speakers throughout the conference.
  • Exhibits to learn more about invasive species management products and services.

    screenshot of NAISMA conference schedule
    The Schedule is interactive. Click on the session you want to enter and the presenter’s screen will appear on the conference platform on the same webpage. You won’t have to click between different browser windows or Zoom or any other platform. Everything will exist in the conference main window.
Within 1 week after the conference, all presentations (talks and posters) will be available as pre-recorded sessions. Attendees will be able to view presentations as their time allows for at least 3 months after the conference meeting dates.
Oral and poster presentations will be presented live in our virtual conference platform at the time of the session. If you are familiar with Zoom or GoToWebinar, it will be very similar. You will be able to jump in between sessions without having to log in to a separate platform.
Yes! Live interaction will be facilitated in 5 different ways.
  1. An Activity Stream on the virtual conference “town hall” where attendees can post their reactions to presentations, new ideas generated, and questions for other attendees.
    screenshot of multi-module dashboard of conference activity
    This is the main virtual conference center called “Town Hall”. This is what you see when you enter the conference and is where you’ll find all of the features of the event.
    screenshot of a message on the activity stream
    The Activity stream is where attendees are welcome to post comments, reactions to presentations or sessions, highlight lessons learned, new ideas, an more.
  2. A moderator will facilitate a Q&A in every session.
  3. Live networking breaks between sessions
  4. Poster presentations will be live sessions with poster presenters
  5. Attendees will also be able to communicate through private messages to other attendees and speakers.

    Click on the Community or Speaker icons to message attendees or speakers directly, right in the conference platform. They’ll see your message right away and you can start chatting 1 on 1 just as if you were in a session room together!

Getting the most out of our invasive species management professional development

Online courses and webinars keep you at the cutting edge

All recordings of our 25+ invasive species webinars are available to NAISMA professional members and members of partner organizations. They can view recordings after signing in and accessing our password-protected Members’ Area.

A select few webinars from National Invasive Species Awareness Week are available on the NAISMA YouTube page.

No, everyone is welcome. Anyone can register for a course in NAISMA’s invasive species management training program. The $75 registration fee is eliminated for members.

Approximately 2 hours of reading the materials and doing coursework per week is required for each ISM course.

The current courses offered are college-level, semester-long courses. It is not recommended that professionals working full-time take more than 2 courses at a time. 

Helping NAISMA do more for invasive species management

Sponsors and individuals can sustain our mission to support, promote, and empower invasive species prevention and management