Buckthorn Blasters


A hand-held herbicide applicator for cut-stump herbicide treatment on undesirable stemmed plants.

Do you work with loads and loads of volunteers? Make your next woody invasive species control effort a lot easier and a lot less messy. The Buckthorn Blaster™ eliminates hazardous spills while preventing “drift” and overspray — all unwanted hazards to humans and native plants alike. Oh yeah, and it’ll save your budget some much-needed funding by using less herbicide!


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Number of units Price per unit
5 to 9 $8.30
10 to 24 $8.20
25 + $8.00


The Buckthorn Blaster™ is a hand-held, 4-ounce herbicide applicator for cut-stump herbicide treatment on unwanted stemmed plants.

Replaceable foam applicator tips release herbicide only when you apply pressure. We’ve included 3 foam applicators to keep your party going.

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Weight 1.5 oz


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