Weed Free Product MOU Fee


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To become a NAISMA Weed Free Product partner:

  1. Download the Memorandum of Understanding. Select from Forage, Gravel,  or Mulch Programs or any combination on the MOU form. Participating agencies may participate in one, two, or all three certification programs. 
  2. The authorized agency representative fills out, scans, and emails MOU to or mails to NAISMA, 1123 N. Water St., 4th Floor, Office #9, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

To maintain your Weed Free Product program:

  1. Authorized representative of MOU agency identifies inspectors who will participate in the Weed Free Products training and registers them at Weed Free Products Inspector Certification Training.

Authorized representative of MOU agency pays Weed Free Product Program Fee ($100) here. Program fee is required annually to retain certification.