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NISAW Webinar: Invasive Species Programs Across Mexico

February 20, 2023 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm CST

Presented by Yolanda Barrios Caballero, CONABIO

As the fifth mega diverse country, and with invasive species identified as the third cause of biodiversity loss, Mexico has been working more and more towards addressing this relatively new topic. The National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, CONABIO, has been a key institution in leading many invasive species related activities for over a decade. These have included the publication of the National Strategy, and the first invasive species list for the country. As home to the National Biodiversity information system, CONABIO is a unique institution that holds all biodiversity related information, including exotic and invasive species. Its role is to act as a bridge between academia, government and society, and is the most important source of information for stakeholders of all levels. In recent years with the help of the GEF funded invasive species project in Mexico, there was a boost in collaboration amongst institutions. Over 300 products resulted from this project, these included: management activities throughout the country, island eradication where Mexico has achieved great success; work with specific groups such as ornamental fish farms, development of communication materials for the public and citizen science amongst others.

Yolanda Barrios Caballero
Invasive species specialist in CONABIO for over 15 years. She has a master’s degree in Conservation biology from the University of Kent and a specialization in science communications. She participated in the development of the Mexican Strategy for the control of invasive species and in the publication of the first invasive species list for Mexico, which included developing with a group of experts an Invasiveness Risk Assessment Methodology specific for the country. Her work includes the update of the invasive species information database, carrying out risk assessments, working with other government and academic institutions in the development of invasive species programs around the country. She is co-author of several book chapters on invasive species and constantly participates in workshops and forums on the topic. In recent years, she has been heavily involved in the development of communication materials and campaigns on invasive species for the general public.


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