NAISMA’s Programs offer the opportunity to learn more and to build upon best management practices for invasive species.

Join forces across the continent—find certified invasive-free hay/gravel/mulch near you—find training opportunities—get involved! 

Weed Free Products

Weed Free Gravel and Forage Cows Eating Grass

North America’s only program to provide land managers assurance that noxious weeds will not be spread.


Individuals, organizations, and businesses across North America are helping stop invasive species in their tracks.


Join a FREE monthly webinar to hear from the experts about invasive species, with topics ranging from data management, education and awareness, invasive species management and legislation.

Professional Development

Certification opportunities and training programs for invasive species management professionals, including:


National Invasive Species Awareness Week is a nation-wide event occurring in the spring to raise awareness of the invasive species in their non-native habitats.

Mapping Standards

Base information gathered to compare and combine invasive weed maps across tribal, county, state/provincial, national, and international borders.