700+ organizations across North America are helping the public stop invasive species in their tracks through PlayCleanGo. Here’s why.

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What if every outdoor enthusiast were provided with the tools to Stop Invasive Species in their Tracks®?

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Over 700+ organizations representing tens of thousands of individuals have chosen the PlayCleanGo brand because they believe we can do it together.

Join forces with individuals, organizations, and businesses across North America who are helping to protect natural areas from the threat of invasive species with PlayCleanGo prevention tools and education. Download the PlayCleanGo Sponsor Guide.

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Each NAISMA partnership opportunity provides a variety of benefits to support shared goals at the level that feels right for you. The available PlayCleanGo benefits are listed when you choose the partner organization type that is right for you.

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PlayCleanGo is Making a Positive Impact

PlayCleanGo is a campaign to prevent invasive species from entering recreational or other pathways in nature: hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, biking, and worker pathways such as timber management, road maintenance and more.

The campaign’s goal is to protect valuable natural resources by instilling an ethic of stewardship in recreationists as they enjoy the places they love in the great outdoors. Key messaging is to:

  • Play in the outdoors
  • Clean your gear before you leave
  • Go to your next adventure

Our objective is to slow—and where possible to stop—the spread of invasive species by changing public and worker behaviors at risk of spreading harmful pests living on land or in water.

PlayCleanGo promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation by providing a clear call to action to be informed, attentive and accountable for stopping the spread of all invasive species.

Permission & Basic Logos

PlayCleanGo is a brand originally developed and patented by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. NAISMA acquired brand ownership in 2019.

You must obtain permission to use the PlayCleanGo and WorkCleanGo brand and logo marks on your own education and outreach materials. 

PlayCleanGo® is a patented education and awareness campaign owned by the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) in the United States. Canadian recipients should refer to the Canadian Council on Invasive Species for information regarding PlayCleanGo in Canada.

Get the Starter Kit

Purchasing the PlayCleanGo Starter Kit for $25 includes:

  • permission to use the logo marks for one year from date of your purchase
  • PlayCleanGo logos (.png)
  • WorkCleanGo logos (.png)
  • PlayCleanGo Brand Guidelines
  • Welcome letter and explanation of Partner benefits
By downloading the Starter Kit you agree to read and abide by rules laid out in the PlayCleanGo Starter Kit PDF.

Graphic Library, Products, Design Assistance and More

While the Starter Kit has everything you need to start using the PlayCleanGo logo on your own education and outreach materials, there’s so much more to PlayCleanGo that you will gain access to with a NAISMA membership.

You can get listed on the PlayCleanGo interactive map, unlock store discounts for our full product line, and get access to our ready-to-post social media content by joining as a NAISMA partner.

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By becoming a NAISMA partner, you’ll gain access to a graphic library of 390+ ready-to-print and ready-to-post media, videos, and more.

You also receive a 10% discount on PlayCleanGo materials.


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