NISAW Webinar: The Water Resources Development Act: Provisions for Invasive Species Management

Congress utilizes legislation titled the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) to authorize and guide the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Since WRDA 1986, Congress often has considered a WRDA biennially. The most recent WRDA was passed in 2022 as part of an omnibus appropriations and authorizations act (PL 117-263). The WRDA not only authorizes […]

NISAW Webinar: Collaboratively Addressing Feral Swine/Wild Pigs and Preparing for African Swine Fever across North America

Natural resource managers throughout North America have identified feral swine as a significant challenge. This invasive species has emerged as a major environmental and economic concern as populations have exploded. Not only do they destroy crops, disrupt natural habitats, and prey on native species, they also can harbor and transmit disease. They exist across North […]

NISAW Webinar: American Bullfrog Management to Support Conservation and Recovery of Native Species in the West

American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) are not native to western North America and threaten dozens of Species of Greatest Conservation Need and many federally Threatened or Endangered species. Control or eradication of American bullfrogs may seem impossible. However, a handful of success stories demonstrate that control is possible and benefits native frogs. Yosemite National Park in […]

Webinar: Utilizing Invasive Plants as a Medium for Conservation Artwork

Jane Kramer's projects are created with a conceptual approach and are focused on environmental and social issues. Her ongoing project, Foreshadowing: Endangered and Threatened Plant Species, began upon selection into the Art from the Lakes program and with funding, in part, from Michigan Nature Association.


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