National Invasive Species Awareness Week Encourages Education, Advocacy, and Action to Stop the Spread of Invasive Species — February 20 – 26, 2023

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Do your part to engage the public and elected officials about protecting natural habitats by stopping the spread of invasive species. 

MONONA, WI – The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) is a non-profit organization that strives to ensure that all people have access to the support needed to effectively address the harms of invasive species in North America. NAISMA coordinates National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW). NISAW is a national event to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat that they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. NISAW will be held February 20-26, 2023. NISAW encourages representatives from local, state, federal, and regional organizations in the US to discuss legislation, policies, resources, and improvements that can be made to prevent and manage invasive species.

NISAW priorities for the 118th Congress include:

  • Prioritizing funding needed for invasive species prevention, management, and research within the federal budget appropriations.
  • Informing the inclusion of invasive species in climate change policy, legislation, research, and management.
  • Supporting appropriations for invasive species management as authorized in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Public Law 117-58.
  • Prioritizing the coordinated development and implementation of invasive species management programs and funding authorized in the Farm Bill and the Water Resources Development Act.

“Climate change, agricultural and energy production, and the loss of wild spaces are all made worse when invasive species alter the natural balance of our waters and lands,” said Elizabeth Brown, Government Relations Director for NAISMA. “Now is the time to educate and advocate for the inclusion of invasive species prevention and management as part of the broader solutions for our biggest worries about climate, food security, energy, and biodiversity.”

NAISMA invites outdoor enthusiasts and volunteers, land and water managers, and elected officials to get involved in NISAW and inspire others to address invasive species through prevention and management actions. 

“Everyone can do something to prevent the spread of invasive species. We encourage organizations and individuals to advocate for increased capacity, improved collaboration, and financial support for invasive species prevention and management nationally in coordination with states, tribes and local governments,” said Brown.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to promote and attend webinars and events, and to use and share campaign materials available at Materials include social media posts and graphics, templates for a press release and radio PSA, and more.

Advocacy for invasive species management is supported all year through the education of elected officials, decision-makers, and the public on how they can help to stop the spread of invasive species and protect the country’s lands and waters. NAISMA’s efforts are geared towards policy and legislative actions that increase invasive species funding and staff to ensure that North America’s lands and waters remain resilient in the face of climate change and other biological challenges. Through NISAW and other efforts, NAISMA aims to raise the collective voice and on-the-ground capacity to protect America’s most precious natural, agricultural, and industrial resources.

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The North American Invasive Species Management Association’s mission is to empower invasive species management in North America. Since 1993, NAISMA has been growing programs that bridge jurisdictional and geographic divides. In addition to organizing a variety of professional development opportunities, housing the Certified Weed Free Products program, and operating the PlayCleanGo® program, NAISMA is the lead partner on NISAW. Learn more at and

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Contact: Elizabeth Brown, Government Relations Director, North American Invasive Species Management Association,

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