2021 Year In Review

 This is the year the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) set its course for the coming decade. The association’s board of directors developed a strategic plan to support the individuals and organizations protecting the continent’s lands and waters from invasive species. We continued to expand our reach by improving and adding to already excellent virtual programming. At the same time, we broadened our partnerships, alliances, and fundraising strategies. Finally, we designed better ways to serve our membership, which has doubled in two years.

These strategic goals were developed by the Board of Directors and staff.

NAISMA is the leader in advancing prevention and awareness and supporting integrated management of invasive species through advocacy, communication, partnership, and professional development.
NAISMA is the connector between state, provincial, regional and federal invasive species organizations.
NAISMA communicates invasive species' impact on the environment, economics, social, and human health issues.
NAISMA advocates across all governmental regulatory agencies for the development of standards and indicators to measure the impacts of invasive species.

Fundraising: Spent 2021 introducing fundraising and development. Reached a Silver-Star GuideStar rating.

GuideStar is the world’s largest database of nonprofit organizations. It provides donors with the information necessary to make smart decisions. With this 2021 Silver “Seal of Transparency,” you can feel confident your donation is going toward important invasive species management initiatives.

Thank you to our 2021 funders, donors, sponsors, ambassadors, presenters, and stakeholders.

New Members Area

To better serve members, staff spent months developing a new Members Area to better connect members and reach the larger invasive species management community.
EDDMapS Summit
NAISMA hosted a two-day summit featuring training and discussions around the invasive species reporting tool EDDMapS. More than 577+ people attended, and we posted recordings on NAISMA's YouTube channel.
Biocontrol Summit
308 people attended the second annual biocontrol summit, focused on international collaborations. Representation from: 39 US States, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Italy
Virtual Annual Conference
For the second year, NAISMA facilitated a virtual annual conference, co-hosted by the Montana Invasive Species Council, featuring 103 speakers, networking and poster sessions, and workshops. 330 attendees and 6 sponsors joined the conference.

24 Free Webinars

The most popular webinar was “Non-native Invasive Earthworms 101,” attended by 541 live viewers. In all, NAISMA hosted 24 free webinars, with recordings archived for viewing by members.
Invasive Species Manager Online Training Transitions to InvasivesU
With the end of the fall semester, NAISMA concluded its online training course in Invasive Species Management, which the association has offered since 2017.
The professional development committee and staff spent 2021 planning and developing a new asynchronous online learning library called InvasivesU. New certificate programs and online classes are being created for release throughout 2022.

PlayCleanGo® is NAISMA’s outreach and education program. We provide materials to land managers and partner to help educate recreationists on doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Materials updated or created this year:
  • Launched the new PlayCleanGo.org, featuring our new spokescreature Steward, blogs by other recreationists, and partner highlights and a “Find My Nearest Boot Brush Station” map.
  • Added 200+ graphics to the PlayCleanGo Partner Library.
  • NAISMA became owner of, and PlayCleanGo co branded with, the Buckthorn Blaster™. On offer in the NAISMA shop, this herbicide applicator for woody invasive plants is a great tool for volunteer events.

2021 was a year of expansion for the Work.Clean.Go. sub-brand. We launched new outreach materials, including videos, to thank field staff and acquaint recreationists with the invasive species efforts going on all around them.


new boot brush stations
social media impressions
Number of new boot brush stations and trail signs installed.
PlayCleanGo Awareness Week
Reached 1.5 million people through digital marketing and partner shares across Canada, USA, and Mexico.
Partnership with Don’t Move Firewood and Hungry Pests.
Free English and Spanish outreach materials.
Webinar guidance on how to integrate the tools with media and a beginners guide to social media use.
Created and released more aquatic messaging assets this year.

The Certified Weed Free Products program is the only program in North America that provides land managers with assurance that noxious weeds will not be spread through the movement of forage, hay, mulch, or gravel brought in to the property. Weed Free Products maintains a list of standards, provides guidelines, and ensures uniform training and participation.

Building on expansion work in 2020, NAISMA welcomed Alberta to its Certified Weed Free Forage program.
In 2021, NAISMA added videos, supplemental materials, and the inclusion of new mulch standards to its online training program.
Total number of participating organizations from 27 states. MOU holders are counties, states, non-governmental organizations, and provinces.
1675+ webinar attendees
for the five NISAW-I webinars
1177+ webinar attendees
for the five NISAW-II webinars
3 states issued Governor Proclamations
declaring statewide invasive species weeks.

Two New Partnerships

Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife

The National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species

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