NISAW Webinar: Climate Change and Invasive Species

Register here → The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) supports the inclusion of the impacts and influence of invasive species in climate change legislation, policy, management, and research. […]

NISAW Webinar: Pacific Green Crab Management

Click here to register → | Download the Agenda Abstract: The green crab is a highly adaptable invasive species that preys on juvenile clams before they reach harvestable age, outcompetes […]

Webinar: Invasive Tegus

Dr. Johnson's area of expertise is natural history and conservation of amphibians and reptiles, and he has worked extensively with imperiled species.

EDDMapS Summit 2022

Above: Summit presentations cover EDDMapS’ smartphone apps, website, tools, and projects. Subscribe to NAISMA communications to learn more about our year-round offerings of professional development in invasive species management. View the recordings from 2021 for basics on EDDMapS. Hosted by the North American Invasive Species Management AssociationOrganized by University of Georgia - Center for Invasive […]

NAISMA Committee on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)

NAISMA supports a culture of inclusion through all of our programs, communications, and work to support invasive species managers. See our IDEA resources for invasive species managers page for more information on the committee. If you're interested in joining this committee's monthly Zoom meetings, please contact Tina at .


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