Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Certificate Course

The Terrestrial Invasive Plant (TIP) Management Certificate Course is an asynchronous, professional, online course that was created to provide you with a well-rounded foundation in terrestrial invasive plant or noxious weed management. Experts from the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) have carefully curated this content just for you!

This asynchronous course consists of sequenced video presentations, along with supplemental materials for in-depth learning and assessment. The majority of the TIP video lessons are original content developed by NAISMA experts exclusively for this course. The new content is supplemented with case studies and presentations from NAISMA’s webinar library and past conference presentations that can only be seen inside of TIP. There are fourteen segments in this course with multiple learning pieces included in each. Plus, we included the entire Certified Weed Free Product Standards and the NAIMSA Mapping Standards short courses as BONUSES for you!

Registration Fee: 

$497 for NAISMA members or $597 for non-members. 

Note: Non-members can add a $75 individual membership and save money by getting the member price on this course.


The learning segments included in FISC are: 

  1. Welcome and Instructions
  2. Introduction to Invasive Species
  3. Weed Science
  4. Certified Weed Free Products Short Course – BONUS!
  5. Species Identification
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Early Detection and Rapid Response
  8. Weed Mapping
  9. How to Implement the NAISMA Mapping Standards Short Course – BONUS!
  10. Controlling Noxious Weeds
  11. Citizen Science
  12. Working with Volunteers
  13. Cross-Jurisdictional Management Strategies
  14. Conclusion

All individuals are expected to move in order through each TIP lesson or assessment by reading the information, watching each video in its entirety, and exploring the supplemental learning options (e.g. reading publications, conducting activities, or reviewing websites). Participants can go back and rewatch videos, as needed.  

After completing this course, participants will have an understanding and be able to describe:

  • what an invasive species is, common characteristics, and their impacts
  • how weeds displace native plant communities and reduce biodiversity
  • weed science principles
  • integrated pest management
  • the benefits to early detection and rapid response
  • common noxious weeds
  • common management goals for invasive plants
  • adhere to the NAISMA mapping standards
  • list three prevention programs described in the training
  • the control and management techniques for invasive plants
  • list common herbicides and their uses
  • the importance of pesticide applicator safety
  • examples of cross-jurisdictional partnerships

This course is designed specifically for individuals that are interested in learning the foundational aspects of terrestrial invasive plant or noxious weed management and was developed by weed managers with real world experience managing invasive plants. 

It is strongly recommended that people take the Foundations of Invasive Species Management Certificate Course prior to taking this Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Certificate Course. However, this class is open to anyone and there are no prerequisites.

A certificate from NAISMA will be issued upon successful completion of the course.