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The NAISMA Certified Weed Free Products (WFP) Program is the only pathway prevention program in North America that maintains standards to provide land managers with assurance that noxious weeds are not being spread through the movement of forage, gravel, or mulch.

The Certified Weed Free Products program provides guidelines for the minimum requirements of certifying forage, gravel, and mulch products; and ensures uniform training and participation in the program.

The Certified Weed Free Products standards are designed:

  • to provide some assurance to all participants that forage, gravel, and/or mulch certified through this program meets a minimum acceptable standard.
  • to provide continuity between the various provinces and states in the program.
  • to limit the spread of noxious weeds through forage, mulch, and gravel.

Many federal, state, and local lands require the use of certified weed free forage and gravel on their properties. Partnering agencies are welcome to include additional species and standards to their own programs. MOU holders are simply required to meet the minimum standards as described.

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